Saturday, November 29, 2008


It all started when all of Dave's family was visiting. My adorable sister-in-law Mindy would disappear every couple hours. I would ask, "Where's Mindy?" The answer was always, "Probably downstairs reading the last Twilight book." I had heard of these silly vampire books but like Harry Potter had no interest in reading them. Finally I was sick of not understanding what the hype was about and so I went on ebay and bid on the book (I was not about to pay full price for some ridiculous vampire book). It came in the mail and a week after I got it I started to read it. At first I was thinking this so silly. Why am I reading this book? Yet I continued to read. One month later and after reading about 3000 pages of the four books. This teen vampire love story had me sucked in like most. I even drug a couple more friends into the Twilight obsession with me. Your welcome Angie and Susan.

That leads us up to November 22. The movie adaptation of the first book had just been released. I was invited to got to a Twilight... event. I don't use the word event loosely. We had limo rides, got t-shirts, a gift bag with tons of swag, bite tattoos, and a private showing of the movie. It was such a fun night!

Here is our group in front of the limo. Susan, me, Autumn, Angie, and Linda.

We were so excited to be in the limo and it was Susan's first time ever riding in one.

Her house was all decked out with Twilight posters and quotes. You can see behind us one of the cool ones it was a picture collage of Edward and Bella and said "Be safe". Clever.

Sus and I getting bitten!

At the private showing of the movie. Stacey, Susan, and I. Yes, we have vampire teeth in, watch out!!! Stephanie Meyers aunt was even there!

The after party. Yes, that is supposed to be Edward, Bella, and Jacob. They had a skit before the movie started, complete with smoke machine and everything. I said I had fun, didn't I?

Friday, November 28, 2008


I remember when McKenna was little every Sunday we would take pictures of her and email them out to family and friends. I've started doing this again with McKenna and Reeve. It's so fun on Sundays because they are all dressed up and looking absolutely adorable.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Brotherly Love

It has been so fun watching the relationship between McKenna and Reeve. McKenna is usually very sweet to him. He just loves watching her dance and just be her rowdy self. One thing she has loved to do since he was just born is read to him. She has an uncanny way of memorizing books. Sometimes I forget that she can't read because she can remember them word for word.

Isn't it so cute how they are holding hands. Really McKenna is trying to stop him from eating her book but sweet none the less.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rice Cereal

Reeve had his first taste of rice cereal last week. We thought that he would love it because he loves to eat so much. Well... watch the video and you can see how much he really loved his first big boy food.

Not so happy but too cute! Here are a couple more pictures of his unpleasant experience with rice cereal. It's funny because I let him have a lick of chocolate frozen yogurt and his feeling were quite opposite. Speaking of that when we took Reeve in for his four month appointment the nurse asked how his diet was and McKenna said, "My mommy gave him ice cream!" Just a little embarrassing. I then had to explain that it was just a lick and that we don't usually give our four-month-olds these kinds of foods. The nurse just laughed. Out of the mouths of babes.

Monday, November 24, 2008

King of the Babies.

McKenna is so cute, even though Reeve is to little to play with her she still makes a great effort to play with him mobile or not. When he in his exersaucer she will put a blanket around his shoulders and say he is Batman. The other night Dave and I were cooking dinner together, we looked over and McKenna had taken a burp cloth and put it on Reeve's head and was marching around him sing "Reeve is King of the Babies, King of the Babies, King of the Babies." I can only imagine what games they will be playing this time next year.

Bathtime used to be easy.

Reeve has found his feet and every time he is sockless (which isn't very often in arctic Idaho) he is sucking on his toes. I thought this was so cute until we were taking a bath and I was trying to wash him. He kept pulling his foot up and I was trying to get the soap off it. He is pretty strong and with the soap, really slippery so I think he got a good taste of his baby wash (which like most things didn't bother him). The other thing he has found he likes is paper. He likes to devourer it into a pulpy mess. You know the saying "It's like taking candy from a baby"? I never really understood it. As I understand it, they're saying it's easy to take the candy away. Well I don't know about anyone else's kids but taking anything from my little ones is not an easy task. When we take away the paper you would think I gave him a little pinch as well. Thank goodness he is still young enough to forget what he was crying about. Ce' la vie.

Photography by McKenna

If you gave a four year old a camera, what would she take a picture of? Well we didn't actually give her the camera but she did get a hold of it. She was so sly about it that I didn't even know that she had taken the pictures until I was downloading them onto the computer. I asked McKenna, "did you take these?" So nonchalantly she said "yeah". Like it was okay and normal for her to be playing and taking pictures with our camera.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Reeve!

Dave and I went to Idaho Falls the other day and were at Once Upon a Child (an awesome consignment store). While I was paying Dave put Reeve in an exersaucer needless to say he loved it. We decided to get it for him for Christmas but of course he has been playing in it since we got it. Sometimes I will be holding him and he will be crying and then I put him in is exersaucer just to give my arms a break (he is almost 19 lbs now) and he stops crying. I'm thinking does he like this toy more than me? So... I don't know how much longer we will have the exersaucer!

Princess McKenna

What I love about these pictures is how it shows McKenna's personality. She is so giggly and loves to dance and is always in motion. When she was about one her Grandfather called her "perpetual motion". She has definitely lived up to it. She surly takes after her Daddy.

Friday, November 7, 2008

First time swinging

This weather has been crazy but I have been loving it. We have only gotten one snow storm that lasted until noon. It's been chilly but I'm still wearing flip flops. I make it a habit to wear them until there is snow on the ground. In Washington I pretty much wear them all year round. It was so nice that I took the kids to the park to play. McKenna wouldn't even keep her jacket on! I decided to give Reeve his first ride in a swing. He loved it! I shouldn't be surprised because he loves his swing at home. McKenna wanted to push him and I let her but she gave Reeve quite a scare with an extra big push. Poor little Reeve's eyes got big and he just froze. I felt so bad and then felt even worse that I was laughing.

After he calmed down he really started to relax. It reminded me of a guy trying to look cool driving a car. His arm was up on the back of the swing and he was leaning to the side. Then he even started to fall asleep. He is so cute.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

One of my favorite things about Halloween is carving pumpkins. For FHE we went to the Aplingtons and carved our pumpkins with them. Heath had never done it before so it was pretty funny to watch. Dave and Heath did most of the work while the kids played and Stacey and I talked. They turned out really cute.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kind of happy Halloweens is over.

I love Halloween just as much as the next person but we celebrated it a lot this year. McKenna dressed up a total of five time. You would think "great, you got tons of use out of the costume!" Right? No, McKenna being the little diva that she is insisted on wear something different each time. It's a good thing we have a stock pile of dress up clothes I've collected through out the years.
Party #1 - Parker's Birthday Party. McKenna was a fairy and had a blast they played musical chairs, decorated cookies, and even busted a pinata.
Party #2 - Dave's work Halloween Party. More like extravaganza! McKenna was a geisha and Reeve was the cuddliest little bear you ever did see. It was so fun. They had all the carnival games, cake walk, and even a haunted house... to name a few.

McKenna couldn't stop talking about the haunted house.

Party #3 - McKenna's preschool. She wanted to wear her costume from last year which was a witch.
Party #4 - Our ward's Trunk or Treat. McKenna was Barbi Island Princess. It was so fun we went with the Aplington's and McKenna had fun going from trunk to trunk with Parker.

Party #5 - Halloween. McKenna decided to be the witch again. Which I was happy about because I couldn't figure anymore costumes for her to wear. We went trick or treating with the Aplington's. So I'm glad these are McKenna's baby teeth and she won't have them too much longer because I'm sure they are almose rotted through with the amount of candy we have collect through this Halloween season!